Calypso Mango

Perfection Fresh enlisted Hypetap's help to generate excitement towards the upcoming mango season with Calypso® Mangoes.

Eleven influencers were selected based on their audience compatibility and credibility in the food and nutrition space, to bring the creative to life. Across the campaign, 38 content pieces generated over 1.3 million total impressions.

Client: Perfection Fresh Instagram

Learn how we generated excitement and awareness for Calypso® Mangoes.

The brief

With summer upon us and mangoes being an already well-loved produce amongst Australians, we were challenged to match Perfection Fresh with a group of influencers who could inspire audiences with fresh content that celebrated the product.

The Influencers and Creators

Total involved

11 influencers participated in the full campaign.

Primary channel

Content was posted to Instagram

Key campaign goals


To bring mass awareness of Calypso® Mangoes to a wider audience.

Drive sales

To inspire audiences with innovative and unique uses of the product to drive trial and purchase.

The outcomes


Total Impressions


Total Reach


Total Organic Engagements

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