What is influencer marketing?

Choosing influencer marketing to reach your target audience means putting your products or ideas into the hands of selected social media superstars or ‘influencers’ to help spread your message. Hypetap is a leading digital agency for influencer marketing, content, social media and data. Hypetap’s influencer marketing approach means that top influencers across different sectors are hand selected for each campaign to produce original content that resonates. Learn more about influencer marketing

What is content creation?

Influencers who have worked to grow their own audience do this by becoming very good at creating content that people will respond to. Another technique that you can choose to engage your audience is having custom content created which you then publish across your own networks. Learn more about content creation

What do you need to consider to begin influencer marketing?

To begin influencer marketing, the most important thing is to match influencers with your message. Hypetap works personally with influencers to make sure that campaigns are built from influencers who are a good fit for the message. The influencers that we work with go through an extensive vetting process before being accepted.  See our work

What kinds of brands can use influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a great match for all kinds of brands simply because there are so many different influencers out there. Whether your brand is a social cause, a consumer product or a B2B, there will be a group of influencers with an audience ready for your message. See brands Hypetap has worked with

What are the alternatives to running an influencer campaign?

The influencer marketing landscape has become a lot more sophisticated in the last five years. In the past, brands could reach out to influencers directly and this would sometimes result in product placement or endorsement. Professional influencers will now look to work with talent managers and agencies like Hypetap who will help them to leverage their audience in a meaningful way, while taking care of complex campaign elements like rights management and content reuse arrangement. 

The way that brands use social media has also evolved. Rather than using platforms to make updates, savvy brands are using them to engage their audience and have a conversation. But this only allows brands to reach out to their existing audience. Influencer marketing means that the campaign reach is the combined audience of every influencer that is selected. Learn more about what Hypetap does


How can agencies create influencer marketing campaigns?

Hypetap is a leading digital agency for influencer marketing, content, social media and data. Agencies can partner with Hypetap to offer influencer marketing to clients. This means collaborating to build a brief and decide on a budget, and Hypetap identifying influencers who are appropriate for the brand and campaign goals, considering factors like core audience, location, platform and existing brand affiliations. Learn more about running campaigns with Hypetap

What campaign elements can Hypetap influencers contribute?

As well as running an end to end influencer marketing campaign for agency clients, Hypetap also works with content creators, who can craft bespoke social media content for clients across platforms. This gives agencies more flexibility in suggesting social media solutions to clients at varying price points. Learn more about what Hypetap offers

Can I repurpose influencer campaign content for other channels?

In a Hypetap brief, content usage is negotiated at the beginning of the campaign development process. Influencer content is briefed with the overall marketing mix in mind. If a campaign or project requires use of existing content, we can negotiate rights. Learn more about what Hypetap offers

Can I license existing influencer content for my brand?

Maybe you have a site to populate, or social channels to fill, or want images that use real people instead of stock images. In these cases, our exclusive library of existing social content, images and videos, can be a simple and cost-effective solution. Learn more about what Hypetap offers

Creators and influencers

What’s the best way to become a social media influencer?

Being a social media influencer can be a great way to create an income stream while doing something that you love. Once you have built an audience and refined your style, the next step is building brand partnerships. Working with an agency like Hypetap means that you can preserve your authentic voice while working with brands that meet your style, outlook and values.  Learn more and apply now

What’s the difference between an influencer and a content creator?

You can apply to work with Hypetap as either an influencer or a content creator. Generally, an influencer has a larger and more established audience, with the ability to clearly define demographics and core areas of influencer. This means that we can better match them with the brands that suit their audience. A content creator might be a bit earlier in their career as an influencer. Applying to work as a content creator means that you can use your expertise in creating images, video or other types of posts, for different brands. Learn more and apply now

Can you work as an influencer or content creator full-time?

At Hypetap, we’ve paid out millions of dollars to influencers each year that we’ve been running. We make this possible through working with top brands who are serious about pursuing influencer marketing and want to work with professional influencers and content creators. We believe that for motivated and talented creatives, earning the equivalent of a full time income should be possible. A lot of the multi-talented people we work with use their skills to build a portfolio career and their campaign work becomes one income stream of many. Learn more and apply now

Can I apply to work with Hypetap?

We are always looking for new influencers! Our application process is simple, and we will let you know whether we think you’re ready to become an influencer or ready to join us as a content creator. We work with some of the world’s biggest names across food and beverage, social causes, consumer brands and lifestyle brands. If you’re ready for new opportunities, get in touch with us. Learn more and apply now

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