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Hypetap joins the IMTB

Hypetap becomes the newest progressive influencer marketing firm to join the Influencer Marketing Trade Body

Industry Influencer

Bicycle London launches influencer division

Agency has partnered with Australian influencer agency Hypetap to create the division.

Industry Influencer Partnership

The Australian social media stars winning famous friends and influencing millions

Last month, when Kelly and Sharon Osbourne invited Melbourne brothers Luke and Scott O’Halloran over for lunch in Los Angeles, the siblings knew their lives had changed forever.

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Influencer marketing on social media is a multi-billion-dollar industry, but is not without pitfalls

To be a successful influencer, all Hayley Berlingeri needs is her face, her family and her phone.

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South Australia considering benefits of influencers

South Australia turned to influencers to advertise the state as it held an exclusive Sam Smith concert.

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Australian Influencer Marketing Council has a new chair

The Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AiMCO) has updated its Guiding Council (GC) for 2023 with four new councillors. A new chair and deputy chairs have also been announced following a member election.

AIMCO Industry

Hypetap appoints of Bryce Coombe as managing director

Hypetap announced it expanded its leadership team with the appointment of Bryce Coombe as managing director.


Australian influencers create guides for clarity on paid for social media content

The Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AiMCO) has released specialist guides in reaction to concerns made by regulatory bodies.

Ad Standards AIMCO Best Practice

‘The Index seems to be … TikTok’s most followed’ – The Oz’s influencer list faces questions

Several prominent voices in the industry have questioned the metrics used to collate the ‘Influence Index’...

Influencer TikTok

How Hypetap went from self service influencing to full service

Detch Singh, CEO of influencer creative content platform Hypetap, founded in 2013, spoke with AdNews...

AIMCO Startups Technology

New chair, deputies for influencer marketing body AiMCO

Hypetap’s Detch Singh, the former Chair, will be Deputy Chair with TwentyFiveFour’s Patrick Whitnall and Social Law Co’s Tegan Boorman.


Mumbrellacast: Chris Howatson, Tajer is back, plus Dan Monheit checks in from SXSW

The team also looks at the emerging space, and why industry heavyweights such as Tajer, Wilson, and Andrew Baxter have joined it in recent months...

Board Influencer TGA

Industry awaits TGA clarification to understand impacts of new influencer rules

The Australian influencer industry this week scrambled to make sense of the new Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Advertising Code, and what this would mean for the future of influencer marketing in the wellness space.


Former Publicis and Ogilvy CEO Andrew Baxter joins board of influencer agency

Former Publicis and Ogilvy chief executive Andrew Baxter has joined influencer agency Hypetap as non-executive director.

Board Ogilvy Publicis

Andrew Baxter joins Hypetap’s board

Australian influencer marketing agency Hypetap has appointed Andrew Baxter as a Non-Executive Director.

Board Ogilvy Publicis

Former Publicis & Ogilvy CEO Andrew Baxter Joins Mike Wilson On The Board At Hypetap

Former Publicis and Ogilvy CEO Andrew Baxter has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director at technology-driven influencer agency, Hypetap.

Board Ogilvy Publicis

Mike Wilson’s next move: social media influencer

Two months after stepping down from his role as Executive Chairman of Havas, Mike Wilson has been named as Non-Executive Director of influencer marketing agency Hypetap.

Board Havas Influencer

Ex-Havas Media Australia chairman Mike Wilson joins board of influencer agency Hypetap

Former Havas Media Group chairman Mike Wilson has joined the board of influencer marketing agency Hypetap.

Board Havas

Mike Wilson Joins The Board Of Influencer Agency Hypetap

Former Havas Executive Chairman Mike Wilson has been appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director at technology driven influencer agency, Hypetap.

Board Havas

Mike Wilson joins Hypetap board

Former Havas executive chairman Mike Wilson has been appointed as an independent non-executive director at influencer agency Hypetap.

Board Havas

Big brands urging influencers to flout advertising disclosure rules, but lawyers warn ‘Spam Act’ moment, $10m ACCC fines loom

Influencer ads are increasingly being pulled by Ad Standards. But that may be the least of their worries.

Ad Standards AIMCO Disclosure

‘The wild, wild west of advertising’: the business of distinguishing personal from paid posts

Newly revised guidelines are designed to stamp out misleading advertising on social media.

Ad Standards AIMCO

Mumbrellacast: The political communications crisis mixed-up in a milkshake

Plus, the Australian Influencer Marketing Council’s (AIMCO) chair, Detch Singh, joins the Mumbrellacast after an eventful couple of months in the influencer marketing space.

Ad Standards AIMCO

It’s time to get on TikTok: How a local lolly brand and a banking startup are using TikTok to drive sales

Video-sharing app TikTok has become a staple social media platform for businesses seeking to tap into a trend that is popular among younger generations.


Why the COVID-19 crisis has elevated influencer marketing

Influencer marketing as a channel has been transformed by the crisis as consumers have turned to digital and social channels in their homes to connect. We investigate...

COVID-19 Influencer

Influencer marketing now has an industry Code of Practice

The Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AIMCO) has released the industry’s first Influencer Marketing Code of Practice, driven by the organisation’s three principals of transparency, best-practice and accountability, and industry leadership.

Ad Standards AIMCO

Influencer marketing council releases industry’s first code of practice

The Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AIMCO) has released its first set of guidelines for the industry since launching.

Ad Standards AIMCO

Australian Influencer Marketing Council Releases Industry’s First Influencer Marketing Code Of Practice

The Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AIMCO) has today released the industry’s first set of working practices to support brands, agencies and creators.

Ad Standards AIMCO

AMAA heads up influencer marketing council to standardise industry

The Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) is heading up a new industry council for influencer marketing, as it closes in on a new code of practice for the space.

Ad Standards AIMCO AMAA

New influencer marketing council established

Council created by Audited Media Association to improve transparency and develop industry code of practice

Ad Standards AIMCO

Hiding Instagram likes won’t kill off influencers

Instagram's trial to hide the number of likes on posts to improve the mental wellbeing of users has set off theories on what the motive really is.

Influencer Instagram

Instagram expands ‘hidden likes’ test to Australian users – win or loss for marketers?

Instagram has started running a test in Australia to hide like totals on photos and videos in Feed, Permalink pages and Profile.

Influencer Instagram

Instagram loses the like in Australia; industry reacts positively

Instagram is trialling the removal of ‘likes’ tallies from photos and videos in Australian consumer feeds, a move it says is about turning the tables on the way people engage with the social platform.

Influencer Instagram

Influencer marketers, it’s time to talk usage rights

Usage rights are a set of terms agreed upon by the parties involved in a content creation campaign that dictates licensing or ownership of that content.

Influencer Usage Rights

This Ice Cream Truck Owner Hates Influencers So Much He Charges Them Double

Joe Nicchi of LA's CVT Soft Serve instituted the policy after getting a request to serve a 300-person event in exchange for "exposure."


Doggos of startupland: Should your startup have an office pup?

Australia is an animal-loving nation, and while we know consumers are willing to part with hard-earned cash to pamper their pets, there’s also an argument that having furry friends in an office environment can boost productivity, leading to happy teams and better bottom lines.

Doggos Sophie Startups

Here’s how the startup community is reacting to the Morrison government’s election win

The Australian startup community has welcomed the return of the Morrison government following its surprise election win, despite the fact that the sector barely rated a mention from the Coalition during the campaign

Budget Startups

Tech sector seeks key economic role

The newly-elected Coalition government has been urged to include technology and digital skills in its broader economic vision after a “miracle” win on the weekend.

Startups Technology

Here’s what 9 startup founders want from the new government after the election

Australians go to the ballot box this Saturday to decide who will lead the nation for the next three years, with the polls suggesting the decision between Labor and the Coalition is getting closer.


Don’t Mess With Disclosure: Bringing Best Practice To Influencer Marketing

In this guest post, Detch Singh, co-founder and CEO of Hypetap, speaks about how to bring best practice to influencer marketing.

Best Practice Disclosure Influencer

VicHealth takes aim at alcohol brands on social media with underage call-out campaign

VicHealth has revealed its investigation into alcohol brands’ use of social media and influencer marketing, launching a campaign to encourage ‘calling out’ of sneaky tactics targeting underaged drinkers.

Disclosure Influencer

Startups react to the Federal budget cutting of innovation budget

For the second year in a row, the government has made cuts to the R&D tax incentive scheme and several startups have expressed their disappointment.

Budget Startups

Thumbs up or thumbs down? Industry reaction to budget

Business leaders and commentators have shared their thoughts on the government’s pre-election budget, and what it will mean for SMEs on the ground.

Budget Startups

Federal Budget 2019: What small business needs to know!

The 2019 budget brought many wins for the nation’s small business owners, including an increase to the instant asset write-off, investment into an apprenticeship scheme, increased infrastructure spending and a $60 million injection into the export market.

Budget Startups

Let’s Talk: The X Factor

Today we’re discussing customer retention and what businesses need to do to in order to achieve the so-called “X Factor” with their audiences.


BUDGET RESPONSE: ‘It’s budgets like this that force us to question whether we should tell other founders to start a business here’

Businesses across the country have told Business Insider Australia what they make of Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s first ever budget, which was unveiled on Tuesday evening.

Budget Startups

Let’s Talk: Word of mouth

What is the best strategy to get referrals and new business


Let’s Talk: Raising Capital

How to get investors to sit-up and listen.


Need capital? Your people could be the solution

Got a great idea but need more traction before you can raise money to get your startup off the ground?


CMO’s top 8 martech stories for the week – 29 November 2018

All the latest martech and adtech news this week from Amobee, Oracle Data Cloud, Marchex, OtherLevels, Hypetap, Shutterstock, Amazon, Finteza, Tapjoy, and more

AI Startups Technology

Hypetap Launches AI Tool to Help Brands Connect with Influencers

Hypetap has created an AI tool that helps connect brands with the relevant influencers.

AI Technology

Hypetap launches image scraping AI tool pairing brands with influencers

Influencer marketing agency Hypetap has launched an artificial intelligence tool which pairs brands with appropriate influencers.

AI Digital

Fixing the influencer authenticity problem

To help tackle the problem of authenticity on social media Hypetap has released a new tool to better vet influencers.

AI Influencer Technology

Let’s Talk: Marketing

Marketing is essential to a company’s success. While the role of a CMO never really existed back in the day- most big businesses will now have that title.


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