Nothing Beats Gatorade

In 2020, Hypetap partnered with Gatorade to generate credibility and meaning for the brand and their core range of products.

Given the role sport plays within Australian culture, we aligned with recognisable Australian talent who have credibility and trust within the sporting and health and exercise industries. Across the campaign, 71 content pieces generated close to 1 million in organic cumulative reach.

Client: Gatorade Instagram, TikTok

Learn how we helped strengthen Gatorade's credibility

The brief

Our challenge was to partner Gatorade with elite Australian sporting talent to create short, snackable video content talking about their own real life experience, struggles and triumphs in their respective sporting arenas in order to establish credibility and meaning for the Gatorade products and convert users of competitive products.

The Influencers and Creators

Total involved

Seven elite sporting talent and renowned Australian athletes

Primary channels

Content was posted organically on Instagram & TikTok

Key campaign goals:


Build credibility and meaning to the Gatorade core range


Convert users of competitive products to switch to Gatorade

The outcomes


Total organic impressions


Organic cumulative reach


Total organic engagements


Total saves

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