Street Food Sauces

Hypetap partnered with Heinz to drive brand awareness and take Australian consumers on a flavour adventure with their range of Street Food Sauces.

Fourteen influencers were selected for their authentic brand alignment and content compatibility, to reinforce Heinz Street Food Sauce's key messaging. Throughout the campaign, the 67 content pieces amassed a cumulative reach of almost 3 million people.

Client: Heinz Instagram, TikTok

Learn how we brought Heinz Street Food Sauces to a wider audience

The brief

With the past two years being spent inside their homes during the pandemic, we were challenged to create delectable content that transported audiences to diverse destinations through the big, bold flavours of Street Food Sauces.

The Influencers and Creators

Total involved

14 influencers participated in the full campaign

Primary channels

Content was posted across Instagram and TikTok

Key campaign goals


Educate audiences on the Street Food Sauce range, and bring about increased consideration and intent to purchase amongst Australian grocery buyers.


Combine a mix of still and video content, and a multi-channel approach to maximise reach across Instagram and TikTok.

The outcomes


Total engagements


Total impressions


Cumulative reach

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