Kids Together

Nickelodeon partnered with Hypetap to build awareness for new Nickelodeon Jr programs whilst providing simple entertainment ideas for families stuck at home throughout COVID-19

Nine family-friendly influencers with children who created content were selected for their audience compatibility and family-friendly content. Across this campaign, 94 content pieces were created with a cumulative reach of 1,443,815 people.

Client: Nickelodeon Instagram, Facebook

Learn how we engaged with families whilst bringing overall awareness for Nickelodeon

The brief

In the midst of a tough lock-down, with their routines upended, keeping the kids happy and fulfilled is not an easy task. The conversations surrounding staying home with children were an important part of this campaign. Nickelodeon challenged Hypetap to match it with a group of influencers who could not only show off the upcoming Nickelodeon Jr programs but also share home activities and ideas to entertain the kids.

The influencers and creators

Total involved

Nine influencers participated

Primary channel


Key campaign goals:


To generate mass awareness for new Nickelodeon Jr programs launching.


To provide simple activities to entertain families stuck at home during the COVID-19 lock-down period.

The outcomes


Total impressions


Cumulative reach


Total engagements



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