Taste Challenge

Pepsi Max enlisted Hypetap's help to put the people's taste buds to the test as part of the 2021 Pepsi Max Taste Challenge.

Aligning with lifestyle and comedy influencers helped capture the fun at the essence of the challenge. Across the campaign, 57 content pieces went on to generate over 4.2 million impressions Australia-wide.

Client: Pepsi Max Instagram, TikTok, Podcast, Newsletter

Learn how we helped position Pepsi Max as the better tasting cola

The brief

Our challenge was to match Pepsi Max with top-tier influencers who could create highly entertaining videos comparing the superior taste of Pepsi Max to their full-sugar competitor. The success of the content was evident in the mass awareness achieved and comedic relief it provided potential consumers nationwide, positioning Pepsi Max as a brand that is on-trend.

The influencers and creators

Total involved

Five top tier influencers and comedians

Primary channel

Content was centrally located on Instagram

Omni-channel approach

The Shameless Podcast and newsletter boosted campaign awareness

Key campaign goals:


Drive awareness of the Pepsi Max Taste Challenge


Dramatise the great taste of Pepsi Max

The outcomes


Total impressions


Cumulative reach


Total organic engagements


Total saves

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