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Alisha Aitken-Radburn


Hypetap strikes an incredible balance between being great for both brands and influencers. The Hypetap Portal takes the process of identifying the best influencers for a brief and negotiation off your email and into a streamlined one-stop shop. I love being able to proactively apply to work with brands I connect with and most importantly receive proper remuneration for my work by being able to negotiate directly rather than have rates set for me.

Belinda Liana


Working with the Hypetap team is always a seamless and delightful experience. They are meticulous with their briefing process which ensures that all communication is clearly outlined and from accepting the brief to sending deliverables it is an efficient process. They always ensure to also reach out in case you miss a potential brief that could work for you - it is a very considered and easy process which has limited back & forth but with great support from the team at Hypetap. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating & creating with the Hypetap team and their portfolio of incredible brands.

Charles Oliver


Hypetap is one of the best influencer marketing tools on the market at the moment, since I first started working with them, the jobs with the brands I know & love have been nothing but consistent. From briefs to completion to payment everything is so well coordinated and makes every job everything run so smoothly, I'd highly recommend anyone out there to jump on board

Elliott Lyons


An organised outfit, with strong communication from start to finish as well as an unmatched understanding of the ins and outs of the creative process, platform distribution and data analysis make Hypetap the prominent leader in the space of influencer marketing. An honour to work for and with.

Jacqui Bell


Working with Hypetap has been fantastic, it is such a great way for brands to connect with me. The whole Hypetap team are professional, prompt in responding, friendly and I always feel well taken care of rather than it just being a business transaction. Hypetap and I have worked together on a number of campaigns now and I have had nothing but positive interactions with them.

Leah Williams


Iโ€™ve loved working with Hypetap over the last two years. The campaigns are managed seamlessly from the initial stages through to the end delivery and working with the team has been a joy.

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